DayZ - English

DayZ Standalone Community
  • PC
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  • Xbox
One of the leading english speaking communities out there! Share your adventures on Facebook with more than 10.000+ other survivors who fight against the infected and cruel bandits.
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We That Remain
  • Playstation
We That Remain is a challenging Playstation DayZ Role-play experience. Emphasizing the on the survival elements of DayZ, as-well as the Role-play aspect.
We are dedicated to providing the premium experience for DayZ storytelling, we take a no non-sense approach and only accept those who we believe will benefit the story.

Come and see!
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  • Xbox
The NETWORk* is a XB1 DayZ Community on Discord with a dedicated membership base consisting of primarily RP/PvP-oriented players, fans, and enthusiasts. Many of our members exclusively utilize our server to access a wide array of resources, including but not limited to playing in-game on our rented private server, joining or registering a faction, learning from our educational/informative content, sharing their in-game media or by participating in our various channels to meet their social wants and nds with peers from their community.
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United We Stand
  • PC
The United We Stand community has been around since late 2003 and involved with DayZ since the early start of the DayZ mod, and we still continue to grow and support with a high and active community that enjoy fun events and pvp events (8v8) or more against other communities. We also have a top populated server so no worries of playing on a dead server.
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6th Platoon
  • PC
6th Platoon is a group of Dayz Standalone survivors that group up together and use military tactics to overwhelm the environment and our enemies. We have a ranking system that is dependent on your dedication to the group and your completion of events. We also host exciting events and challenges. Some events that we do are. squad battles, hunger games, death matches, prison escape, capture the flag, and many others. We also have week long challenges like scavenger hunts. 6th platoon brings more to the game to insure that you always have something to work towards. We are open to suggestions. You can contact staff at [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] Thank you!
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DayZ Community Hub
  • Playstation
  • Xbox
DayZ Community Hub is the leading unofficial community-based server on Discord and is glad to announce our decision to provide an outlet of resources and socialization for both XB1 and PS4 players alike!
Join the DayZ Community Hub!
The #1 One Stop Shop for all of your DayZ on Console needs:
》NEW! Playstation Category to Welcome the newest addition to our family of survivors!
》Original Hit Channels like: TDZE Bounties, Killfeeds, Daily Journals, + more
》Territories Claimed, Bad News List, and Declarations of War for Leaders
》Two 24 Hour music dedicated voice channels with full access for members to utilize while playing or chatting
》TDZE Rewards, Rankings, and booming server economy system with in-server minigames.
》Partnerships with DayZ SC, iZurvive, and The NETWORk* on Discord
》Responsive and active staff team throughout community
》Free Agent + Looking For Group sections
》Mil-Sim channel for chat and network
》Role Play channel for chat and network
》HC 1PP section for chat and network
》Outlet for content creators, streamers, gfx designers etc.
》Automatic Tweets from DayZ Twitter
》Channels for DayZ Tips, iZurvive App & Site, and DayZ of Being Dead Comics
》Ease of access link to BiStudio Feedback Tracker and DayZ Wiki
》Listings of active factions & team leaders throughout various recognized communities of Discord + FB
》 + much, much, more!
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DayZ Commonwealth
  • PC
  • Playstation
  • Xbox
DayZ Commonwealth is the one perfectly balanced community you have been looking for. Sick of being shot while carrying a generator? Tired of not having enough PVP action? DayZ Commonwealth is a roleplay server with all military locations being designated PVP zones. This is a NO RAID community so you can farm and accumulate all that you need to gear up for building the ultimate base or running night attacks on North West Airfield!
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The Apocalypse of Enoch
  • PC
Based on the best selling novels and officially licensed, this server you can be one of two warring factions, ZOD or Federation. Or, play a neutral survivor known as a freeman that sometimes band together in gangs or play as a single survivor. Brand new with a growing player base, encounter large faction on faction battles, massive base assaults / defenses and secret raids. Gather information from freeman through trade or arrest. Hunt counties, and even participate in server events like the upcoming Roman style arena battles for in game rewards!
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“A New Era” Dayz Network™
  • Xbox
  • PC
The discord is a nontoxic community of different levels of game experience, the owner looks after the community, discord, Xbox servers and is an experienced coder.
The main Xbox server concept is changed every 2 -3 months, we offer two death match servers for those who want to make their name on our discord monthly leader boards.
We strongly believe on quality and not quantity, so we remove inactive members both on the discord & server whitelist.
The Wildlands role play server allows you to immerse your imagination into your character via the backstory.
Few ground rules as you can expect but not over complicating your abilities to game, Start your own experience.
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  • Xbox
  • Playstation
ENDGAME is the number 1 ranked DayZ console community server in the world.
ENDGAME have been running for 2 years now and got over 6k members.
ENDGAME got both Chernarus and Livonia servers and the servers are high pop or full most times. Meaning, lots of action! They got PlayStation and Xbox servers. The servers is faction based, survival and pvp servers. You wil not find M4’s on every loot run. But you wil find high tier weapons easier than official. Building supplies is boosted some to, cars need to be built up as official. You can earn discord currency trough hunting and selling pelts, fishing, make your own cannabis farm and grow and sell this to the blackmarket, sell items to tradepost or go bounty hunting, winning community events and so on. many ways is possible, find your own way.
Lucky Looters
  • Playstation
Youre looking for a new DayZ expirience?
Try one of our Servers!
All have a different loot concept.
All are unique.
We have over 2500 Discord Member from all over the World.
A Killfeed, VIP System, a Trader on Server 4 and much more.
Join us now!
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  • Playstation
The "Armada" servers are there for more than 2 Years now!
Allways high pop and allways action!
There are different servers with different settings!
Just join the Community to get more Informations!
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The Savage Lands
  • Xbox
The Savage Lands was set up by a group of players that were tired of looking for servers that had that vanilla feel with quality of life updates, and admins that weren't obsessive and overly involved. The rules for The Savage Lands are simple and easy to follow, mainly because there isn't many and we still want that DayZ feel. The main focus of TSL is PVP, Base Building and Raiding.
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Book Of Revelation
  • Xbox
  • PC
Matrix Gaming IT is a gaming and esports gaming community revolving around competition gaming and general gaming. We have a custom modded Xbox server community in DayZ for DayZ gamers.

Our gaming community consists of livestreams and content creators.

Matrix Gaming IT and KinToshi as well is a gaming livestream channel upon Facebook Gaming, Twitch and YouTube.
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Survival Nation
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • The biggest DayZ console based community with 25000+ members
    Economy system with 24/7 shop
    24/7 support
    Always find someone to talk to
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  • Playstation
VHS takes a stand against boosted-high-loot-fast-pvp-full-car-trader-servers, against all forms of cheating and against toxic communities without any ingame interaction or communication.

VHS operates two dayz servers for the playstation:
[CHS] CHERNARUS HARDCORE SURVIVALYou can also take a look on the main-vhs-discord for more informations.
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28 DayZ
  • Playstation
  • PC
28 DayZ is a Gaming Community for New Players and OGs as well! We welcome everyone. Enjoy and have fun!
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  • Playstation
  • PC
  • Xbox
BLACKOUT™ is a PvP experience found nowhere else, with partnered role-play servers for the PVE Experience!
With 19,800 members and counting, and 24 dedicated DayZ servers, on all platforms, you can find anyone, anywhere!
Chernarus Socialist Backpacking Club
  • Xbox
Chernarus Socialist Backpacking Club is Xbox's only explicitly leftist community and a friendly PvE server where you can build your base, farm your fields, hunt for big game, and scavenge for the best loot without worrying about PvP combat or base raiders. Come experience a post-apocalyptic DayZ world where mutual aid and communitarian principles have replaced murderous nihilism.
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Black Tie Gaming
  • PC
  • Playstation
  • Xbox
Black Tie Gaming is a community born from the DayZ focused UFP Network. We are a gaming community focused on creating community driven places to play, chat and create. Our aim is to create fun friendly places for you to play the games you enjoy whilst at the same time giving you the chance to shape the future of the community. Our admins are regular players that played on our servers and were involved in the community. For Gamers By Gamers!
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X3LOOTAAA Experience
  • Xbox
-FRESH WIPED update 1.14
-trader store
-night time street lights
-graveyard stashes (random loot)
-miiatary underground stashes (random mili loot)
-MAIN SERVER (3XLOOTAAAEXP)xbox one 50 slot with over 2000 discord members
-the perfect balance of pvp and rp, so everyone feels at home
-custom loot distribution (removed useless items, 3x more loot)
-fight club on weekends come make some money (fight night is back)
-Vehicles are wiped every 2 weeks to stop hoarding.
-Trader location(Kras Airfield)
-new taxi service faction (they will pick you up for a fee)
-faction/pvp based server
-killfeed/bounty hunters
-longer days & 30 minute nights
-weapons spawn with mags & guns/food spawns on the coast(don't get caught slippin looking for food)
-replace helis with police crash 6 helis sites
-limited raiding tools

-1st person
-No Rules
-vending machines with sodas
-graveyard stashes (random loot)
-miiatary underground stashes (random mili loot)
-Faction based/PVP
-longer nights
-Increased heli crash's, extra spawn locations
-16 heli sites
-loot is 10x Boosted

3rd server 50xlootaaaexp. 32 slot
no rules
3rd person
vending machines with sodas
graveyard stashes (random loot)
miiatary underground stashes (random mili loot)
enjoy the terror
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Last Hour
  • PC
Are you looking for an adventure?
Last Hour is an adult DayZ community that runs two servers.
We host events for the players and we ensure fair play on our servers.
If you enjoy PVE and/or PVP, you will find it on both of our servers.
Our community is growing and consists of livestreams and content creators.
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End of DayZ
  • Xbox
Our server is a 50 slot boosted tier loot server from 1 - 4 but is also as realistic as we can get it without it being too ridiculous keeping it well balanced.
We also have a server shop, trade zone, killfeed, factions, bounties, pvp zones, arena.
Furthermore, we have 24/7 base raiding to keep people and factions on their toes we are also holding events every two months.
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  • Xbox
EggsDayZ offers 3 styles of servers. Vanilla with unlocked weapons and southwest coastal spawns with announced raids. A pvp centric boosted server with inland spawns and weekend raids, and a nwaf deathmatch style server with full kits in backpacks.
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Ground Zero DayZ
  • Playstation
Ground Zero DayZ is a ever growing, friendly community, great for new and seasoned players looking for a casual PVPVE/RP Server. Lots of friendly (and not so friendly) factions and players as well as a ton of helpful tips, helpful players, and a ton of unique encounters and events!

GZ is unlike any other RP, PVPVE, or community server you’ve ever been in. Once you join, you’ll be stuck with a new home. Come join the Ground Zero Family today!
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Ricks DayZ
  • Xbox
Hey there survivors! Are you wanting a full DayZ experience. Then Ricks DayZ is perfect for you! We have a loot table that evens out across the entire map so you can look for things in spots you think they might be. We have a VERY strong player base with it constantly growing everyday. We have an admin team thats 24/7 ready to be at your service for whenever you need it. We host events biweekly and also have ingame shop in discord where u can earn loyalty points and buy things for your squad. Here is some more info about the server

50 Slot
Starter Cars
Safe Zone (Novy & Stary Sobor)
Fully loaded firearms
Very Very dark nights (roughly 30 minutes of night time)
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DayZ Madness
  • Xbox
•Chernarus map, establishing factions and territories
• 32 Slot, PVP server with admin team and active Trader
• Faction friendly and encouraged,
• Mouse and keyboard enabled
• Currency system, radar alert, bounty system, and killfeed
• Dayz Trader Bot
• Base raiding only on weekends.
• NO KOS LIMITATIONS, outside safe zones
• Modded and slightly boosted loot for limited time, then reducing
• Very active discord, friendly community, toxic behavior +is highly frowned upon
• Car spawns currently boosted and ready to go,
• Heli crashes boosted
• Weekly events with prizes
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  • Playstation
Graceland is an RP dayz server that allows you to be who you want to be. You can be a hunter, or a cop or if your up for the smoke you can head to a darkzone for some pvp. We have RP story lines where you can join the fight for power, or choose to lone wolf it and try to avoid the violence, the infected and the wildlife.
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Land in Ruin
  • Playstation
We are a 18+ Roleplay Community who’s goal is to provide a realistic and genuine post apocalyptic role play experience for our members. We have active members and are continuously growing everyday. Our administration team consists of an Advertising Team as well as a mature and fair staff team. We have been active in the Day Z community for over 2 years.
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The Survivor's Journey
  • Xbox
Survivor! Begin your journey here on the coast and see what unfolds before you! Will you live the life of a survivor trying to rebuild the land? Or are you the more lawless type only looking for murder and mayhem? Something in between? Or… something else entirely? Whatever you are… Whoever you are…. You have a place here. Come share your Journey with us!
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  • Playstation
ALPHA - RP community started on the 17th Apr 2020 with a group of players that wanted to create a better experience that made it fun for all levels. The server has have plenty to offer, from civilian jobs or working for the government to just being bandits. Your story is what you make of it!
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Kill or Be killed
  • Xbox
Kill or Be killed - Chernarus (Xbox - NY Server Location)
2.5x Loot Boosted Economy
50 slot
Kras Airfield Safe Zone w/Trader
Laws Kill Feed w/ bank
Weekly Scavenger Hunts for books
Weekend only raiding
Looking for a community to start server — new members that join discord get 10k to use at trader
2-3x boosted loot with color variant guns
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Dead on Arrival
  • Xbox
Dead on Arrival is just like every Community server you have played on but what makes it stand out is the community that we have. Are outstanding moderators, traders and admins that keep everyone happy and playing keeps are server numbers very active. With multiple server types you should not have a problem finding what your looking for all in one spot. Join a community like this and enjoy. Search “Dead on Arrival” on Xbox Community servers.
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The Last Outpost
  • Playstation
Welcome to The Last Outpost Dayz server! We are a fast growing community of dayz veterans and new plays from all over the world. We have a dedicated team with constant support no matter the time zone! Come one over and check us out
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Principium, Medium et Finis
  • Xbox
Conquer, subdue, annihilate.

These three words encompass the prime directive of the cycle that never ends in Chernarus. One that which you can contribute to!

With all named locations on the map available for the taking, you can conquer these lands for specialised drops given through a point system.

Behold the tactical prowess you can achieve by winning the weekend battles. The goal is to siege down the enemy capital until the last man, going from long range to house to house clearing pvp.

Be awed as your efforts cause nations to fall and anarchy to cast fire upon the lands, to then start anew. So play smart and keep your vast territories, or you may be consumed by the very fire you ignited.

Although for those who wish for a more peaceful life, you may become shop owners or traders, wandering and settling anywhere in the land of Chernarus, having light rp as you wish, although it is not always safe out there, so the Green Mountain safe zone would be a better recommendation.

With that being said, war is on the horizon. We ask of you comrade, whether you will walk into the ashes of history, or join us in our grand endeavour.

The people need you!

The cycle will never end.
Principum, Medium et Finis.
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DayZ - German
Artikel und Infos rund um Survival-Spiele wie DayZ, H1Z1 oder ARK: Survival Evolved gibt es bei
NGG Community
  • Xbox
Eine Xbox Dayz Community für jedermann.
Auch Neulinge sind willkommen! Euch wird hier definitiv geholfen.
Z.b. in Form von Video Guides oder mit Hilfe von anderen Spielern auf unserem Discord.
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  • PC
Just play together
Die chillige 30+ DayZ Standalone Gaming Community
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Friendly Survivors
  • PC
Friendly Survivors ist eine 2013 gegründete deutsche Multigaming Community, welche sich über die Jahre stehts in unterschiedlichen Disziplinen weiterentwickelt hat und sich Survival Games verschrieben hat. Es erwartet dich eine Friendly Community.
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DayZ - Russian

DayZilla.RU—News, Guides, Tutorials, Maps and more…
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Cервер создан для любителей игры DayZ Standalone. На этом проекте мы постарались подчеркнуть атмосферу столь ужасного мира-постапокалипсиса. Задайся вопросом: что ты хочешь получить от игры? Новые ощущения, живые эмоции, приключения? А может найти новых друзей? Тогда попробуй свои силы на нашем Role Play проекте Last Day. Каждый игрок на нашем проекте пытается максимально оживить своего персонажа, будь то преступник, городской житель, военный или фермер. Они все живые люди, которые пытаются выжить на просторах Чернорусии. У каждого из них свои принципы, нравы, переживания и, главное, своя история. Выбери свой путь сам!

DayZ - French

Alexandria RP
  • Playstation
Alexandria RP, c'est:
- Un serveur Role-Play post-apocalyptique
- Le plus vieux serveur Role-Play DayZ français sur Playstation
- Le seul serveur à avoir une gestion Role-Play via une application dédiée
- Un fonctionnement sous format de saison de 3 mois à thématiques orientées dans l'univers
de la post-apocalypse.

Alexandria, c'est un serveur Role-Play qui respecte l'univers post-apocalyptique et de ce fait, le staff ne met pas en place de règles ou de lois contraignant les joueurs, il est là pour fournir un cadre, une gestion et des outils permettant aux joueurs de s’épanouir, de créer, et laisser parler leur imagination.
Alexandria RP, une seule limite, ton imagination!
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DayZ - Italian

Multigaming Clan leading the Italian community of Chernarus.
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Contagion DayZ Italy
  • Xbox
Contagion dayz italia. La prima comunità dayz in Italia è aperta da più di un anno e mezzo. Il più longevo e popolato ha 500 giocatori nella sua discordia e 120 giocatori attivi nel server dayz. Siamo una comunità che è sempre alla ricerca di nuovi contenuti.abbiamo impostato il nostro server in modo che ogni giocatore trovi il suo posto senza distorcere la vera essenza di dayz, la sopravvivenza.
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Europa 1995
  • Xbox
Benvenuti su Europa 1995, server italiano rp/PvE ma che mantiene tutte le meccaniche di survival classiche , siamo un server nato da poco ma che vanta una comunity molto attiva, vi aspettiamo.
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ARMA - English

Team AMF
What is Team AMF you ask? We are a collective of friends connected through the radical world of video games, but separated by physical space. We are just a bunch of "NORMAL" people trying to have fun and hang out, maybe you would like to hang out too.
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