DayZ - English

DayZ Standalone Community
  • PC
  • Playstation
  • Xbox
One of the leading english speaking communities out there! Share your adventures on Facebook with more than 10.000+ other survivors who fight against the infected and cruel bandits.
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We That Remain
  • Playstation
We That Remain is a challenging Playstation DayZ Role-play experience. Emphasizing the on the survival elements of DayZ, as-well as the Role-play aspect.
We are dedicated to providing the premium experience for DayZ storytelling, we take a no non-sense approach and only accept those who we believe will benefit the story.

Come and see!
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  • Xbox
The NETWORk* is a XB1 DayZ Community on Discord with a dedicated membership base consisting of primarily RP/PvP-oriented players, fans, and enthusiasts. Many of our members exclusively utilize our server to access a wide array of resources, including but not limited to playing in-game on our rented private server, joining or registering a faction, learning from our educational/informative content, sharing their in-game media or by participating in our various channels to meet their social wants and nds with peers from their community.
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United We Stand
  • PC
The United We Stand community has been around since late 2003 and involved with DayZ since the early start of the DayZ mod, and we still continue to grow and support with a high and active community that enjoy fun events and pvp events (8v8) or more against other communities. We also have a top populated server so no worries of playing on a dead server.
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6th Platoon
  • PC
6th Platoon is a group of Dayz Standalone survivors that group up together and use military tactics to overwhelm the environment and our enemies. We have a ranking system that is dependent on your dedication to the group and your completion of events. We also host exciting events and challenges. Some events that we do are. squad battles, hunger games, death matches, prison escape, capture the flag, and many others. We also have week long challenges like scavenger hunts. 6th platoon brings more to the game to insure that you always have something to work towards. We are open to suggestions. You can contact staff at [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]. Thank you!
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DayZ Commonwealth
  • PC
  • Playstation
  • Xbox
DayZ Commonwealth is the one perfectly balanced community you have been looking for. Sick of being shot while carrying a generator? Tired of not having enough PVP action? DayZ Commonwealth is a roleplay server with all military locations being designated PVP zones. This is a NO RAID community so you can farm and accumulate all that you need to gear up for building the ultimate base or running night attacks on North West Airfield!
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The Apocalypse of Enoch
  • PC
Based on the best selling novels and officially licensed, this server you can be one of two warring factions, ZOD or Federation. Or, play a neutral survivor known as a freeman that sometimes band together in gangs or play as a single survivor. Brand new with a growing player base, encounter large faction on faction battles, massive base assaults / defenses and secret raids. Gather information from freeman through trade or arrest. Hunt counties, and even participate in server events like the upcoming Roman style arena battles for in game rewards!
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  • Playstation
The "Armada" servers are there for more than 2 Years now!
Allways high pop and allways action!
There are different servers with different settings!
Just join the Community to get more Informations!
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The Savage Lands
  • Xbox
The Savage Lands was set up by a group of players that were tired of looking for servers that had that vanilla feel with quality of life updates, and admins that weren't obsessive and overly involved. The rules for The Savage Lands are simple and easy to follow, mainly because there isn't many and we still want that DayZ feel. The main focus of TSL is PVP, Base Building and Raiding.
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Book Of Revelation
  • Xbox
  • PC
Matrix Gaming IT is a gaming and esports gaming community revolving around competition gaming and general gaming. We have a custom modded Xbox server community in DayZ for DayZ gamers.

Our gaming community consists of livestreams and content creators.

Matrix Gaming IT and KinToshi as well is a gaming livestream channel upon Facebook Gaming, Twitch and YouTube.
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DAYZ Console
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
The biggest DayZ console based community with 25000+ members
Economy system with 24/7 shop
24/7 support
Always find someone to talk to
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  • Playstation
VHS takes a stand against boosted-high-loot-fast-pvp-full-car-trader-servers, against all forms of cheating and against toxic communities without any ingame interaction or communication.

VHS operates two dayz servers for the playstation:
[CHS] CHERNARUS HARDCORE SURVIVALYou can also take a look on the main-vhs-discord for more informations.
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28 DayZ
  • Playstation
  • PC
28 DayZ is a Gaming Community for New Players and OGs as well! We welcome everyone. Enjoy and have fun!
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  • Playstation
  • PC
  • Xbox
BLACKOUT™ is a PvP experience found nowhere else, with partnered role-play servers for the PVE Experience!
With 19,800 members and counting, and 24 dedicated DayZ servers, on all platforms, you can find anyone, anywhere!
Black Tie Gaming
  • PC
  • Playstation
  • Xbox
Black Tie Gaming is a community born from the DayZ focused UFP Network. We are a gaming community focused on creating community driven places to play, chat and create. Our aim is to create fun friendly places for you to play the games you enjoy whilst at the same time giving you the chance to shape the future of the community. Our admins are regular players that played on our servers and were involved in the community. For Gamers By Gamers!
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Last Hour
  • PC
Are you looking for an adventure?
Last Hour is an adult DayZ community that runs two servers.
We host events for the players and we ensure fair play on our servers.
If you enjoy PVE and/or PVP, you will find it on both of our servers.
Our community is growing and consists of livestreams and content creators.
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End of DayZ
  • Xbox
Our server is a 50 slot boosted tier loot server from 1 - 4 but is also as realistic as we can get it without it being too ridiculous keeping it well balanced.
We also have a server shop, trade zone, killfeed, factions, bounties, pvp zones, arena.
Furthermore, we have 24/7 base raiding to keep people and factions on their toes we are also holding events every two months.
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  • Xbox
EggsDayZ offers 3 styles of servers. Vanilla with unlocked weapons and southwest coastal spawns with announced raids. A pvp centric boosted server with inland spawns and weekend raids, and a nwaf deathmatch style server with full kits in backpacks.
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Ricks DayZ
  • Xbox
Hey there survivors! Are you wanting a full DayZ experience. Then Ricks DayZ is perfect for you! We have a loot table that evens out across the entire map so you can look for things in spots you think they might be. We have a VERY strong player base with it constantly growing everyday. We have an admin team thats 24/7 ready to be at your service for whenever you need it. We host events biweekly and also have ingame shop in discord where u can earn loyalty points and buy things for your squad. Here is some more info about the server

50 Slot
Starter Cars
Safe Zone (Novy & Stary Sobor)
Fully loaded firearms
Very Very dark nights (roughly 30 minutes of night time)
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  • Playstation
ALPHA - RP community started on the 17th Apr 2020 with a group of players that wanted to create a better experience that made it fun for all levels. The server has have plenty to offer, from civilian jobs or working for the government to just being bandits. Your story is what you make of it!
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Lonely Livonia
  • Xbox
Lonely Livonia is a growing community of DayZ survivors working alone or together with a few like minded players to survive all the the apocalypse has to offer. We provide a modified Xbox server that has an everchanging map custom loot spawns.

Stay Lonely!
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Undead Mafia
  • Xbox
UndeadMafia is a PvP/PvE server on XB1 we have a ground community with faction system with alliance. We have an official trader with earnable currency on discord and in-game! The serverteam involves all active players to discuss rules and more for the future, we have always events coming up and we accept event ideas. We have a new Purge system so they're is always a time to fully raid bases. Feel free to join us !
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Hotel California
  • Xbox
The Only Dayz Home Xbox.
We are a vanilla based loot with a strong community dessicated to creating a none toxic environment and giving everyone a amazing dayz experience.
Custom builds, RP/PVP
Safe Zone, Traders and Events.
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Black Project
  • PC
Black Project is a server about PvP and survival. With the help of mods and our own custom made content, our goal is to provide the best modded experience.

Beside the regular loot and shoot, we offer side missions, which reward you for completing tasks, while inducing PvP. You can also participate in dynamic events like capture the flag and vaults.

Our staff team is happy to answer any questions you might have and provide support, in case you need it.
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Chillout DayZ
  • Xbox
We are building a community that listens to all suggestions to make the server better for everyone.
Our servers are constantly monitored and new features are always being added and/or updated, before changes happen we reach out to the community to find out what people want.

Chillout DayZ - High Loot - Chernarus (32 Slot)
Chillout DayZ - High Loot - Livonia (16 Slot)
Chillout DayZ - Deathmatch (20 Slot)

What our servers have :
Active Trader (Chernarus) -|- Weekend Raid ONLY -|- Boosted Loot -|- Unlimited Stamina -|- Build anywhere -|- Boosted Heli crashes -|- Fully built vehicles (Trucks have base building materials) -|- Guns fully equipped -|- Custom Coastal Military points (NEW).

Shop :
NPC's -|- Custom NPC's -|- Custom Buildings -|- Factions (perks: faction channel, radar, planks, wells, pets).

Support & Discord :
Killfeed -|- Economy -|- Bounty system -|- Leaderboards -|- Ticket support system (Support, Raid, Shop, Suggestions, Trader)
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  • Playstation
PRIME is a pretty closely knit RP community on dayz, our server is relativelty new but the players on prime have been playing together across multiple places for years. We have 280 members at the minute and have an active player base of about 15-20 per day this is increasing dramatically as we continue our fallout style settlement system and update our servers lore and modded map. We have manage to double our player base in one week and hope to continue to expand rapidly with your help.
Prime is a Dayz RP community server with a major focus on community. We have a Admin run traders, Black Market, Greenzone with houses and player run shops, Fallout Style settlements, Quests with rewards and much more including Raid days and Weekly PVP events.
DayZ Official Servers Marketplace
  • Playstation
The DayZ Official Servers Marketplace is a DayZ community with the goal of creating an avenue for old and new players to safely exchange goods and services.
This group is meant to be fun, engaging, lighthearted, and most importantly safe for all members. Those who choose to break the rules mentioned within will be banned permanently without possibility of return.
Our group is for Mature Audiences.
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  • Xbox
-Hub server for all our servers.
-X3, X50, X50 Livonia
-1v1 custom built arena server
-7000+ members.
-4+ years running the best dayz Xbox community.
-All servers have 50 slots.
-Unlimited stamina.
-3rd person perspective.
-Heatmap for everyone.
-Discord economy with bank for trader.
-Custom loot distribution, no useless items.
-Custom dynamic events/zombies/airdrops.
-Player operated trader at specified locations on the maps.
-Faction based PVP.
-24/7 raiding.
-Server events
-Active staff.
-Spawned in Custom buildings.
-Killfeed and Bounty Hunters.
-Leaderboards and Heatmap.
-30 minute nights.
-Weapons spawn with mags.
-Inland/Coast spawns.
-Extra helicopter crash sites.
-Fully built vehicles reset monthly.
-Donator store with balanced rewards.
-Rules can be found on discord server.
-Located within our discord.
  • Xbox
ZLand is a hardcore survival server. This is not a traditional PvP or PvE server. In ZLand, finding weapons, repairing a car, or building a base could take days or weeks. It's not about being the best killer, it's about being The Best Survivor.
Enter our Discord we have an English and Spanish version.
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The Collective
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • PC
The Collective is a community of gamers with multiple DayZ servers across Xbox, PlayStation and PC. We aim to make servers that supports the working class the ones who enjoy the game but might have limited time. We do all of our coding in house. Stop on by and see what The Collective has to offer!
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The Kingdom
  • Xbox
The Kingdom - A place for the people.
- Server name: 50x PvP Full guns cars humvees bags
- Updated to 1.19
- Weekly events
- Boosted loot
- Rare unique items
- Clothes bags
- Vehicle bags
- Builder bags
- Pristine Cars & Humvees
- Rare explosive bags
- Full guns
- Full mags
- 24/7 PVP & PVE
- Factions & faction kits available
- 20 minute dark
- Build anywhere
- Custom Mods and bases
- Base alarms
- Bounties
- Giveaways
- Black Market
- Automatic shop
- Casino games
- Premium kill feed & heat map
- Multiple leaderboards
- 50 slots
- Separate custom made death match server
- In house developer & graphic designer
- Multiple helpful staff and community members
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  • PC
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
We are a discord based network dedicated to DayZ community spread across platforms like PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Our aim is to bring community servers to one place allowing players to find one that matches their preferences. Introduced tag system will simplify search process.

Streamers, Content Creators and Custom Services Owners are a huge part of DayZ scene. Enclave have a dedicated area to promote their content.
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Lunar V2
  • Xbox
Lunar PvP/Factions
- Jeabers and Laws killfeed!
- M&K enable.
- 1PP only - No 3PP peaking on Lunar!
- Custom buildings and NPC’s bought with ingame currency!
- 50 slot server on Chernarus!
- Bounties active!
- Achievement roles for kills!
- Factions can claim armbands, no flag spawns!
- Specific shops for solo/groups and factions - NPC's/Build trucks/Priority Queue!
- Custom Inland and Costal spawn points with loot bags!
- Giveaway bot with ingame rewards daily!
- Events with double kill money and playtime money!
- Cars/Trucks/Humvee’s boosted!
- Loot majorly boosted!
- Much much more, join the discord to find out everything - No application needed!
Lunar Roleplay
- In the making, no release date yet!
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Centurion DayZ
  • Youtube
Hey, Im Centurion, or Daniel more officially. I make DayZ Survival videos and storytelling, from adventures around Chernarus and Livonia. Also a Military Buff, who enjoys anything military.

Should be a PC and XBOX video everyweek, probably 1 on Friday and 1 on Monday, if I dont do one it will be a top 5 or guide video, or lore, or even something else DayZ related
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  • Xbox
We are a new server that is 2 months old, however we have already managed to accumulate 1000 active members on our servers. On our servers, everyone will find something for themselves, from hardcore gamers to those who like increased loot. We currently have 4 XBOX servers for 220 players
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Ravenous RP
  • Playstation
Love the difficulty of Official but tired of its toxic sweaty hackers? Fed up with community servers changing the rules, disappearing or having unskilled admins? We offer a mix of PvE, RP and PvP for DayZ players who don't take things too seriously and are interested in content creation.
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Garden of Ghosts
  • Xbox
The Garden of Ghosts Community is a diverse group prioritized mainly for a friendly and safe environment for Xbox console dayz. With members from all over the globe coming together here to play our servers we are determined to give the most unique dayZ experience we can for console servers. This map will consist of all the custom points of interest and map modifications personally made by the Garden of Ghosts founder to help new comers set focal points on their adventure to explore the unique experiences we offer here.
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Just Zurvive
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
Survive and thrive with 10x loot, bounties, factions, PvP and weekend raiding in the ultimate DayZ console community. With over 9,000 members across 6 servers on 2 platforms - you'll never be short on opportunities for survival and adventure.
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Forgotten Anarchy
  • Xbox
💥Forgotten Anarchy💥
(10 slot)
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  • Xbox
Join Skyline - a high population, PVP & faction based server. We host daily PVP events, League events for season titles, and raid weekends! Several modded Points of Interest as well as Trader and Black Market.
New Beginning
  • Playstation
If you are tired of servers with high loot and up for new challenge that can fulfill your expectations! We offering a DayZ Game server for Playstation users. Our ultimate goal is to provide players with unique immersive experience build on foundations designed by its Developers.

DayZ New Beginning
- Chernarus 64slots
- KOS 24/7.
- Saturday raids (20-24 CET).
- Base damage disabled during the week.
- First Person Perspective (1pp) only.
- No Crosshair
- No Clip Building when building gates/walls.
- Static Toxic zone (Rify)
- Balanced, fully customised loot
- Buried loot lifetime 3 days.
- Active Admins, (Different Nationality's)
- Safe zone on Skalisty Island (Raidable once a Month).
- Server restarts Every 2hrs
- Day 3, Night 30min.
- Canned food only Tier 1
- Whitelist.
- Trader
- Session earnings
- Bunker
- Toxic free informative discord
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Life on Mars
  • Xbox
™ Life on Mars - NY - Cherno - PVP 24/7 | FULL CARS | HIGH LOOT ™
- Trader
- High Loot
- 3 Hour Restarts
- 4 Hour Day
- 1 Hour Night
™ Life on Mars - Livonia - Death Awaits | PVE ™
- Trader
- Hardcore Mode
- -50 Degrees Weather
- Weight Enabled
- No Human Food
- Zombie Hordes
- PVP only in Military Zones
- PVE everywhere else
Visit Life on Mars
SG BattleGrounds
  • Xbox
VANILLA + 2x loot servers
Xbox and PlayStation Livonia Server 50 slots
SGBL | Lost Livonia POIs | Vanilla + 2x loot | Raid Weekends | PvPvE | Trader
Xbox Cherno server 50 slots
SGBC | Lost Cherno POIs | Vanilla + 2x loot | Raid Weekends | PvPvE | Trader
DEATH MATCH 32 slot Xbox server
New Factions receive a 3 day build kit to help get established
-IN GAME CURRENCY(books,cigs sell to Trader, Drug crates sell to Black Market)Earn credits just for being logged in
Chernarus Trader RADIO ZENT
Livonia Trader OLSZANKA
-Longer Dark nights
Cherno (30 mins)
Livonia (45 mins)
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Dayz 2 Remember PVE
  • Xbox
Xbox 20 slots Chernarus and livonia servers.
Welcome to D2R where we hope to provide a challenging PVE experience.
Come join the amazing community looking for all types of players of the dayz world!
We run on a frankfurt hosting location for the best speeds possible for Europe.
Heres some of what makes us great..
🗒️Well organised and active discord.
🚷Whitelist to help keep the community great.
⏰Lots of time zones for you to meet other players.
🤙Friendly and fair staff team.
🛑No base raiding ever.
🎯No kos unless in PvP zones.
🔫PvP zones on both maps.
👟Unlimited stamina.
💰Discord economy with 100k start.
🛠️Fully stocked trader with collection days twice a week!
🚙Free vehicle applications.
🧟‍♀️Custom infected territories on both maps.
👹More infected on chernarus more wildlife on livonia.
🐺Custom wildlife territories on livonia.
🏴Growing and established factions.
✨Pristine and full items.
🏹Fully custom loot pool on both maps with the tiers taken out.
⛺Only some building restrictions like no military and no city's.
🎈PvP + PvE events for rewards and discord cash.
🏰Custom poi's on both maps.
Community has been going for 2 years but under a different name until its recent retirement.
Discord is not required to join but advisable to keep up to date. Send me a message on here or on xbox with my gamertag ForzaLoveOfCod and ill get you online.
Come and see for yourself how much of a challenge PvE really can be and what a truly none toxic, no drama environment feels like to be part of !
See you all out there !!
Visit Dayz 2 Remember PVE
Vanilla DayZ Experience Plus
  • Xbox
Do you have what it take to survive the Zompocalypse, scavenge the supplies you need to make it to the next day? Will you fight off the infected, or become one of them?

VDEP is a First Person Hardcore Survival PvE/PvP Vanilla+ server with More Infected, Dark Nights, and much more. Offering a fresh take on the Vanilla Experience, we have a few QoL changes, additional items, and unique custom POIs. Nothing is given, everything is earned as you strive to survive the Zompocalypse on VDEP.
Visit Vanilla DayZ Experience Plus
  • Playstation
ACES, the global powerhouse in DayZ servers that offers a truly unparalleled gaming experience. At one of the globally top ranking servers on DayZ console, we attract players from all corners of the world, creating a vibrant community where faction wars, base-building, and a competitive-friendly PVP/PVE atmosphere thrives.
- At ACES, we prioritize our players, known as The ACES, ensuring a fun, fair, competitive playing environment. Our commitment to excellence shines through with seamlessly running servers, around the clock admin support, and smooth and hassle-free experience.
- Prepare yourself for an array of exciting features that set ACES apart from the rest. Engage in thrilling scheduled events, compete for valuable in-game prizes, and immerse yourself in an innovative in-game currency system. Our unique trader system adds a new dimension to gameplay, while custom points of interest beckon exploration and discovery.
- What truly distinguishes ACES is our unwavering dedication to console gaming. We are proud to provide one of the finest DayZ community gaming servers, designed exclusively for console players. What's more, our commitment to inclusivity means that ACES remains completely free, with NO DONATIONS accepted! Dive into this competitive gaming experience and unleash your full potential!

-Join our thriving community of passionate players today and discover why ACES stands different from the rest. Unleash the true power of DayZ with us and experience gaming at its finest.
Visit ACES
  • Playstation
A new Rp server for the people that want a fresh start we are pretty chill admins and we understand that people make mistakes all we ask of you follow the rules be a good person to the community and have fun!
Visit Rebirth
The Story of Chernarus RP
  • Xbox
Our server is called The Story of Chernarus. It is a Role Play server where people can play how they would like and be whoever they want. They create their own storys here and we base our server lore off of how they interact in-game. We have everyone from PVPers to farmers, hunters, traders, and much more.
Visit The Story of Chernarus RP
Deniz the Menace
  • Playstation
Welcome to Deniz The Menace™
Official DayZ ( Chernarus ) PlayStation Community Serve
Our goal is to provide varies different styles of gameplay this includes PVE [ Player vs Environment ] / PVP [ Player vs Player ] / RP [ Role Play ] a friendly community server on PlayStation 4 or 5 where you can just chill & unwind after a long day.
Visit Deniz the Menace
Paradise City
  • Xbox
Paradise City is a DayZ Roleplay/PVP Server on Xbox for new and experienced players to learn, grow, create friendships that will last a lifetime, have good times and a variety of events ranging from hunting/fishing events to hunger game events in North West Airfield!
Visit Paradise City
FR45 Modded PvP
  • Playstation
Welcome to FR45 PvP Modded Survival Livonia Community Server Ps4/Ps5
●42 slots
●Unlimited Stamina
●Unlimited Carry Capacity
●Special PVP areas ( 1.19 Zombie Bunker, Area 35, Area 45, Overrun and Infested Treehouses,Flooded Roztoka, Cliffs, Caves, Extra Bunkers/Military Areas, Overgrowth and much more! )
●Modded Lootable Locations
●Bounty System
●Death Feed
●Connection Feed
●Better Spawns
●Custom Zombies : Ghillie Suit, Variety of Coloured Plates, Helmets, Etc.
●More Zombies, More Animals!
●Added C130 Plane Crashes!
●More Heli Crashes!
●More Humvee Convoys!
●More Train Spawns!
●More Car Spawns with Starting Gear + Extra Car Parts
●More Truck Spawns
Green Trucks = Hunting Gear
Orange Trucks = Russian Gear
Blue Trucks = American Gear
●More Humvee Spawns with Military Gear
●ALL weapons!! Camo, Black, Green Variants. Special attachments/items.(Easter Egg, Makarov Suppressor, Chainsaw, Police Baton, Stun Baton, etc.)
●Pristine + Full Loot
●Seachest with Building Supplies
●Growing Community/Server
● Long Daytime
●20 Min Nights
●Colder Temperature
●Changing Weather
●Gas Zones
●Restart Every 4hrs
Visit FR45 Modded PvP
The Fallen PvE
  • Playstation
Welcome to the official THE FALLEN PVE Feel free to join us on our PS4/PS5 Server. We're a NO KOS/PVP server. Slightly modded but more on the vanilla side. With active owners/admins and open trader available for those who are looking for an easier experience. We would love to have you as part of THE FALLEN family, as many have done. An extremely friendly server and members that are willing to lend a helping hand to those new to Dayz. We start everyone off with 100k to help out in the building process for all newcomers. Come and join us. We're positive you'll have a great experience on our server. Look forward to receiving you all to your new home.
Visit The Fallen PvE
  • Playstation

🧻Fresh Wipe 09/07/23
⛔️Reduced ammo⛔️
⛔️No Boxed Ammo⛔️
🥶Cold Weather🥶
🥳52 Slots🥳
🏠24/7 Raid🏠
🥫No Canned Food🥫
🏃High Pop🏃
💀Increaed Mummy Hordes.💀
🐺Custom Predator Locations🐻
🔨Build anywhere Enabled 🔨
⛔️(any Cheaters Instant Ban)⛔️
☀️2 Hour Day 50 Min Night🌑
🔫Tiered Weapons🔫
🌲Full Nature Overhaul MOD🌲
⚠️Bunker Inbound⚠️

Livonia 1PP
New Server 5/7/23
⛔️Reduced Ammo⛔️
⛔️No Boxed Ammo⛔️
🥶Cold Weather🥶
🥳42 Slots🥳
🏠24/7 Raid🏠
🥫No Canned Food🥫
🏃Medium/High Pop🏃
💀Hordes At Heli & Convoy’s💀
🔨Build Anywhere Enabled🔨
⛔️(Any Cheaters Instant Ban)⛔️
☀️2 Hour Day 50 Min Night
Visit FROSTBITE Hardcore
  • Xbox
Based on official, with amendments to the loot economy. Relapse is a semi-hardcore, modded Xbox server. Our aim is to bring the unthinkable to console DayZ and broaden the limited possibilities given to us.
Visit Relapse
Freedom Fighters
  • Xbox
Freedom Fighters has something for everyone
Custom PVP areas, Modded military areas and P.O.Is
Our discords pretty chilled out and we work hard to stamp out toxcity
Our livonia map has had a loot upgrade
and our chernarus servers loot will soon be upgraded
but only useful items and spawning in a couple of
extra areas to help new players
so it keeps that close to official challenge.
☆ 50 Slot Chern | 32 Slot Livonia maps
☆ 1st and 3rd person on both
☆ Full Cars/Trucks/Humvees
☆ Build anywhere except 400m of Military areas
☆ Cars w/ loot in trunk ☆ Trucks w/ building tools and extras
☆ Vehicle reset every 2 weeks
☆ DayZ++: Currency: Auto trader
☆ Boosted Stam/Sprint
☆ Creds for Kills/Bounties/Playing
☆ Killfeed, Hitfeed & Misc Feed.
☆ PVP area at Solnichy
☆Car Ramp area at NWAF with garage
☆ Free NPC to Farm at ATC in Solnichy
☆ Raid weekends on Chern Map
☆ Raid 24/7 on Livonia
☆ Sell Weed - Make Creds
☆ Spawns inland and @ NWAF, Tisy, Zeleno MB
☆ Customs available
☆ 25K creds on GT Link
☆ 100K creds on faction enrolment
☆ Free Kit at Trader
☆ Short Nights
☆ No rain
☆ Modded military areas
☆ Giveaways
☆ Plus much more
Search in the community tab FREEDOM
Visit Freedom Fighters
  • Playstation
We are a Dayz PlayStation community designed to be a social hub with a real community vibe. We wanted to create a non toxic environment we are proud of. We have a great team too. We are socially and economically driven with a variety of server businesses and roles to choose from around the map.

We use the Chernarus map and have a variety of fantastic custom locations and POI’s dotted around for our players to explore. We have stunt jumps, Haunted church, haunted prison island, paintball arena, jousting area and so much more….

We are RP friendly, host regular events both PVE and PVP. There’s a regular market, set challenges, increased bears and wolves, infinite stamina. No base raiding is allowed and No PVP unless at a specified event.
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DayZ - Modding

DayZ Modding Community
We are a large discord with the intention of helping server owners new and old learn how to make changes to their dayz servers and provide help with issues you may have.
We have an amazing staff team with roles from (admins, veteran staff, support team, and helpful members)
We have the following to offer.
[Discord] - (easy to navigate discord everything in order by groups)
[Free] - (Xml files/codes, Json files/codes, Guides, Videos, 200+ channels of information)
[Free] - (Json built areas, Milly bases, Towns and more)
Amazing review rating.
We welcome all new and old members of the dayz community.
Verified discord required
Join today for free and learn for free.
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Don Matraca Coding Help and Support
We are a dayz coding help and support community with 5 years experience with dayz private servers.
Offering general help and support and also custom files and mods to give your server a fresh new look and feel!
We work with both console and PC servers and have channels with tools to help you run your server.
Knowledgeable owner with helpful staff and still a growing community!
Translator bot to help any language barriers
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DayZ XML Injector
The DayZ XML Injector is a tool that allows players to modify the XML & JSON files in the DayZ game. With the XML Injector, players can easily modify these files to create a customized gameplay experience that suits their preferences. The tool allows users to make changes to the game's XML & JSON files without requiring any programming knowledge or expertise. It features a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of modifying the XML & JSON files. The Injector provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows users to easily edit, add or remove the game's XML & JSON files.
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DayZ Services
Need help for console dayz coding or need a discord ? look no further.
W̲h̲a̲t̲ ̲W̲e̲ ̲O̲f̲f̲e̲r̲
●Xml coding for consoles.
●Custom Discord setups.
We are trusted and always carry out a professional service.
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DayZ Code
Découvrez et explorez l'univers DayZ avec nous !
Êtes-vous passionné par DayZ ❓
Êtes-vous à la recherche d'une communauté où évoluer et prospérer ❓
Rejoignez DayZ-Code, le serveur Discord consacré à l'univers de DayZ et à sa communauté de créateurs de serveurs.
🗺️ Nous vous offrons :
• Des ressources précieuses et des conseils d'experts pour la création et la gestion de serveurs DayZ de qualité.
• Une communauté dynamique et engagée, composée de joueurs passionnés et de créateurs de serveurs expérimentés.
• Des opportunités enrichissantes pour des échanges, des partenariats et des collaborations avec d'autres communautés de DayZ.
• Des événements spéciaux, ainsi que des récompenses pour votre engagement et votre passion pour DayZ.
• Des services personnalisés pour améliorer votre expérience de jeu, y compris le mapping, le codage, la création de Discord et bien plus encore.
Rejoignez notre communauté florissante pour échanger, apprendre et grandir avec d'autres passionnés de DayZ.
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Custom DayZ Services
We Welcome You to Custom DayZ Services. We are a Team of Excellent multi service owners that Aim to Provide the best Service Possible all the time! Our Development Teams have Top-Range skills and customer service expertise. Please create a ticket under the correct category as we have many suited to all consoles and pc! for business designs you may also use our help and support ticket to speak to the Owner of CDS.
The Perfection of these crafts takes a long time! We thrive to ensure you receive the best of the best in a timely manner with unlimited revisions (changes) to your requests until You Love it!
[What We Can Provide You]
• Low Cost Graphics that else would charge double or even triple of the costs here!
• Custom HD Chernarus/Livonia Satellite or Terrain Maps
• Custom Logos for your server
• Custom Banners For Advertisements, Recruiting, YouTube, Twitter, PC loading screens, Overlays, Character logos, Emojis and much More!
• High-quality Discord Server Creations with bots
• Great Discord Bot Developer and Hosting
• Custom XML Coding for your Nitrado Servers.
• PC Server setups
• Mapping
• Mod creations
• Loading Screens
• Business Designs
• And lots more!
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DayZ - German
Artikel und Infos rund um Survival-Spiele wie DayZ, H1Z1 oder ARK: Survival Evolved gibt es bei
Friendly Survivors
  • PC
Friendly Survivors ist eine 2013 gegründete deutsche Multigaming Community, welche sich über die Jahre stehts in unterschiedlichen Disziplinen weiterentwickelt hat und sich Survival Games verschrieben hat. Es erwartet dich eine Friendly Community.
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PHOENIX - Experiment
  • Playstation
Unsere Community ist eine Humorvolle und leicht verrückte.
Als Server gibt es nun seid 1 Jahr und 4 Monaten. Nach einer Neukonzeptionierung sind wir nun seid Anfang Mai mit neuem Namen als das PhönixExperiement bekannt.
Das besondere an unserem Server ist das "libertäre" Konzept. Es baut auf eigenverantwortung und selbstregulierung. Eine Karte die in vier Farben unterteilt ist. Geschlossener Lootpool, welcher anfangs x6 ist und mit der Zeit abnimmt. Einzige regel; niemand greifft die selbe Farbe an. wie ihr spielt, oder ob ihr mit anderem aus eurem Gebiet zusammen spielt, liegt ganz in eurer Entscheidung, aber achtet darauf, dass jede entscheidung Konsequenzen hat.
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DayZ Server Wiki
  • Playstation
Im DayZ ServerWiki hast du die Möglichkeit, dich über verschiedene deutsche Community-DayZ-Server für die Playstation zu informieren.
Wenn du einen eigenen Server betreibst oder ServerAdmin bist, kannst du für diesen Werbung machen.
Darüber hinaus findest du bei uns nützliche Infos rund um DayZ, Discord, iZurvive und manchmal auch Give-aways.
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DayZ - Ukrainian

  • PC
Українська спільнота DayZ. Спільнота яка не толерує російське. Якщо ти шукаєш нові пригоди і складні випробування, приєднуйся і поринь у світ зомбі апокаліпсіса. Грай сам або знайди собі друзів які прикриють твою спину в потрібний момент. Будуй сховища і розвивай поселення. Спробуй здобути найкраще спорядження у тижневих подіях. Об'єднуся з гравцями і виходь в рейди в найнебезпечніщі місця.

- PVP режим
- Сбалансована економіка у торговців
- Оптимальний набір модів
- Постійна адмінська підтримка

Чекаємо на тебе!

DayZ - Spanish

ZLand ES
  • Xbox
ZLand es un servidor de supervivencia hardcore. No somos un servidor PvP o PvE tradicional. En ZLand, encontrar armas, reparar un automóvil o construir una base puede llevar días o semanas. No se trata de ser el mejor killer, se trata de ser el Mejor Superviviente.
Entra a nuestro Discord tenemos una versión en español e inglés.
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DayZ - French

Alexandria RP
  • Playstation
Alexandria RP, c'est:
- Un serveur Role-Play post-apocalyptique
- Le plus vieux serveur Role-Play DayZ français sur Playstation
- Le seul serveur à avoir une gestion Role-Play via une application dédiée
- Un fonctionnement sous format de saison de 3 mois à thématiques orientées dans l'univers
de la post-apocalypse.

Alexandria, c'est un serveur Role-Play qui respecte l'univers post-apocalyptique et de ce fait, le staff ne met pas en place de règles ou de lois contraignant les joueurs, il est là pour fournir un cadre, une gestion et des outils permettant aux joueurs de s’épanouir, de créer, et laisser parler leur imagination.
Alexandria RP, une seule limite, ton imagination!
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DayZ R.Privacy
  • Playstation
DayZ R.Privacy vous propose un serveur avec un Lore/Contexte Post-Apocalyptique. Des évènements sont organisés et étudiés par l'ensemble du Staff pour vous créer une aventure inédite et évolutif dans le temps pour votre RP.
A vous de jouer.
Serveur modder et coder selon le contexte
DayZ R.Privacy
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Les Joueurs Soldaires de DayZ
  • PC
  • Playstation
  • Xbox
Fondée avec pour objectif de rassembler et d'offrir une entraide solide aux joueurs de DayZ de l'Hexagone et des pays francophones, JSDZ est dédiée à améliorer l'expérience de jeu pour tous ses membres. Nous nous efforçons de fournir une sélection de serveurs DayZ de qualité, couvrant divers styles et cartes de jeu, disponibles sur PlayStation, Xbox et PC.
En nous rejoignant, vous soutiendrez notre initiative et vous bénéficierez d'un accès privilégié à notre serveur Discord officiel. Découvrez notre site web qui retrace notre histoire, notre identité et nos objectifs.
Ne perdez plus de temps ! Venez rejoindre notre communauté et apportez votre contribution à JSDZ. Nous avons besoin de vous, tout comme vous avez besoin de nous pour vivre des aventures inoubliables sur DayZ.
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DayZ - Italian

Contagion DayZ Italy
  • Xbox
Contagion dayz italia. La prima comunità dayz in Italia è aperta da più di un anno e mezzo. Il più longevo e popolato ha 500 giocatori nella sua discordia e 120 giocatori attivi nel server dayz. Siamo una comunità che è sempre alla ricerca di nuovi contenuti.abbiamo impostato il nostro server in modo che ogni giocatore trovi il suo posto senza distorcere la vera essenza di dayz, la sopravvivenza.
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DayZ Italia
  • PC
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
🇮🇹 Benvenuto su DayZ ita, un server discord dove potrai trovare quello che cerchi, persone simpatiche da tutte le piattaforme che si riuniscono per fare 2 parole e andare direttamente in un server per divertirsi.🇮🇹
🤬 IL tossicismo non è tollerrato, difatti non è per nulla presente.
🛴 Sono disponibili tutti gli aiuti sul gioco, c'e' una sezione chiamata 🔥𝐀𝐈𝐔𝐓𝐈-𝐒𝐔𝐋-𝐆𝐈𝐎𝐂𝐎🔥 dove potrai vedere cose che molto probabilmente non conoscI neanche, tipo crafting, trasfusioni di sangue, per esempio lo sapevi che chi ha lo 0- poteva donare a tutti, IO NO; e va beh molte altre cose, basterebbe schiacciare unisciti qua sotto per scoprirlo🤡

💪 Nel server sono presenti per adesso 450 membri, che per essere un server discord completamente italiano, e gestito da una sola persona non sono per niente pochi

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DayZ - Russian

DayZilla.RU—News, Guides, Tutorials, Maps and more…
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Cервер создан для любителей игры DayZ Standalone. На этом проекте мы постарались подчеркнуть атмосферу столь ужасного мира-постапокалипсиса. Задайся вопросом: что ты хочешь получить от игры? Новые ощущения, живые эмоции, приключения? А может найти новых друзей? Тогда попробуй свои силы на нашем Role Play проекте Last Day. Каждый игрок на нашем проекте пытается максимально оживить своего персонажа, будь то преступник, городской житель, военный или фермер. Они все живые люди, которые пытаются выжить на просторах Чернорусии. У каждого из них свои принципы, нравы, переживания и, главное, своя история. Выбери свой путь сам!

ARMA - English

Team AMF
What is Team AMF you ask? We are a collective of friends connected through the radical world of video games, but separated by physical space. We are just a bunch of "NORMAL" people trying to have fun and hang out, maybe you would like to hang out too.
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